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Do you enjoy my personal art & comics? Would you like to see me working more on my own projects? By subcribing, you can help me with getting more time to do these things. Eventhough I do love drawing commissions, sometimes it's nice to have space for my own ideas and to be able to share them with you. Subscriptions are directly handled via Paypal so they are subject to their fees only, this ensures that the money you send comes as whole as it possibly can.

How does this work?

Select your support level and go. I make a yearly plan depending on the support amount and adjust when it changes.

Monthly total

The monthly total amount is a manually updated average.

The comic & Luceiry

Goal & Plans

Assuming the support amount is stable, the plan for this year:

Spring 2019

Stabilize financial situation.

Summer 2019

Taking an art course to improve my ability in colours & work towards the style for the comic.

Autumn 2019

I should be able to begin drawing chapter 1 of the comic.

Spring 2020

Release of chapter 1.