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28.12.2016: Winter update

As you've probably noticed, I've been really slow updating this page. It's all 100% manual, which really hinders down quickly updating anything - but that doesn't mean I haven't been drawing. I've been creating a bunch of small comics that I've posted on Furaffinity (under "Dumb Comic Strips" folder) and Twitter! I've also created a bunch of Telegram stickers and learned a lot about expressions and written down the plot for my comic, soon it can really begin!

6.7.2016: May & June, Convention stuff

Well, my original plan didn't go quite as planned, both because I've become a bit slow with commissions due to being a bit rusty and conventions take more time than just the thing itself, but I had a blast tho! And I realized that now when there's no immidiate stress for money I enjoy putting a little extra work on a few commissions to improve myself (aaand give a little something to the customer for the lateness). However, many designs are planned and only need finishing, I'll be working on them inbetween commissions! But also doing furry commissions feels like being back home already, I'm excited!

Also check out the banner I drew for FinFur Animus's dance room! The actual print is gigantic and it was awesome!

25.4.2016: April total + updates

Another month with the same awesome total! Thank you! I'm close to getting the book project done and decided that June should be dedicated to personal artwork entirely, since I've not been able to work on much alongside with the book and I have to make that up both for you and myself. I've not been completely without drawing fun things tho, I've made a small telegram sticker pack and designed a lynx t-shirt which I'll upload here too.