Welcome to neotheta.fi!

Heya, I'm Mira-Maia "Neotheta" Kyyrö and I draw stuff! My dream is to reach out to as many people possible with my drawings.
I constantly seek to improve my techniques and styles. I work full time as a digital artist and specialize in anthro and animal subjects, character concepts and illustrations. In the future I would also love to do 2D artwork into games or websites with furry/animal subjects and do my own storytelling and comics of sorts. Most of my customers are induviduals who pay for the service and not copyrights, however I am willing to sell copyrights (partial or full) aswell when discussed seperately.

My top favorite subjects to draw are furry characters, felines/cats, nature, stars and colourful glowy lighting. Sharks are nice too.

If you are browsing from neko-maya.fi your browser will alert you for unsecure connection, please visit my site from neotheta.fi instead and change your bookmarks! I am not maintaining the old domain.

Convention schedule

At cons I'll be selling my products such as printed pillowcases and more! Come say hi! :3

Confuzzled 2017 Confirmed, I'll be there!

Finfur Animus 2017 Registered! Waiting for information about den table.

Eurofurence 23 / 2017 Registered! Follow twitter for possible Artist Alley appearance.

Tracon 2017 Planned! Waiting for registeration.

Links to my stuff

Personal projects:

Luceiry Database Website for my personal world: Luceiry and it's characters.

Webcomic Plus1 Old comic project with my friend Nuff, no longer active.

Community sites:

FurAffinity My main art gallery that I'm most active on.

SoFurry My secondary gallery, active.

DeviantArt I've been here for the longest, posting slowly.

FurryNetwork Beta A fresh new site that I'm really digging currently!