Welcome to Neotheta.fi

Heya! I'm Neo, and full time artist and entrepreneur from Finland. I enjoy bright colours, furry stuff and bringing my own & other peoples personal creations alive.

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Convention schedule


At cons I'll be selling my products such as printed pillowcases and more.
Come say hi!

NordicFuzzCon 2019 Thanks, it was great!
Confuzzled 2019 Confirmed, I'll be there!
Eurofurence 2019 Planned, waiting for confirmation.
Tracon 2019 Planned, waiting for confirmation.
Finfur Animus 2019 Planned, waiting for reg.

Places to find me

I exclusively go as Neo or Neotheta, these are the only valid places where you will know it's me:

Art sites:

FurAffinity Main gallery, active.
ArtStation Portfolio gallery, active.
SoFurry Inactive for now.
FurryNetwork Beta Inactive for now.
DeviantArt Inactive for now.


Twitter Note the extra a in @Neothetaa
YouTube Channel ran together with my friend Iggy
Picarto Watch me stream here!
Neotheta @Finfur.net Finnish furry forums


Please only contact me about business related things on the following places.

Neotheta @Telegram For instant short inquiries & questions.
Neotheta.offscale@gmail.com Commission & business related conversations.