Welcome to Neotheta.fi

Heya! I'm Neo, and full time artist and entrepreneur from Finland. I enjoy bright colours, furry stuff and bringing my own & other peoples personal creations alive.

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Convention schedule


At cons I'll be selling my products such as printed pillowcases and more.
Come say hi!

NordicFuzzCon 2020 Confirmed, I will be there!
Confuzzled 2020 Confirmed, I will be there!
Eurofurence 2020 Planned, applied for the den.
Tracon 2020 As of yet decided.
Finfur Animus 2020 Planned.

Places to find me

I exclusively go as Neo or Neotheta, these are the only valid places where you will know it's me:

Art sites:

FurAffinity Main gallery, active.
ArtStation Portfolio gallery, active.
SoFurry Inactive for now.
FurryNetwork Beta Inactive for now.
DeviantArt Inactive for now.


Twitter Note the extra a in @Neothetaa
YouTube Channel ran together with my friend Iggy
Picarto Watch me stream here!
Neotheta @Finfur.net Finnish furry forums


Please only contact me about business related things on the following places.

Neotheta @Telegram For instant short inquiries & questions.
Neotheta.offscale@gmail.com Commission & business related conversations.