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Reference sheets - Examples ➤

This form is only for the flatcoloured reference sheet commissions, once sent I'll get back to you and comfirm the slot.

1. Your nickname / Communication

Choose your preferred platform for contact and type your username. For e-mail only contact, use any nickname you'd like to be addressed by. No extra text.

2. Hide your nickname

Do you wish to keep your nickname private or is it okay to show it publicly along with your commission status?

3. Your e-mail

Secondary method of communication if the first one is not available.

4. Invoice e-mail / Paypal e-mail

Payment is done via Paypal or cards that work with it: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

5. Your country

This is for taxing purposes.

6. Character references

Link reference pictures. You can link seperate parts like hair style, pictures of colours, if you don't have a complete visual ref. The more visual material and the less description the better! If you have more than 4 links add them to the description box instead.

7. Character personality

Explain very short, this will not be written on the ref but used by me to help draw the character better.

8. Type of commission

Choose the basic layout you want and then you can add more things below.

9. Base refsheet

Your base refsheet pictures will be...

10. Additional views

11. Additional views

Important notes on the additional views, if any.

12. Clothing

Do you want copied frontviews with clothing added on?

13. Clothing

Describe, link references for characters clothing if any.

14. Colour swatches

What do you want them to be like? If you want something else, type it on the "other" section.

15. Character info and description

Things you want to be mentioned in the ref: name, age, species, gender, height, weight, personality, likes, dislikes, occupation, story... etc. Leave empty if nothing!

16. Other

Other relevant notes if any: requested deadlines, specific resolution or other requests you may have!

17. ToS

Have you read my Terms of Service and also aggree with them?