Interested in getting art from me?

I see you have stumbled over here! I'm happy that you seem to be interested in buying art from me! My commissions are generally aimed for induvidual people and for personal use, and that is what the information on this page is for, if you are a company or are looking for buying art for commercial purposes, please contact me about it.

My commissions are always open!

However the completion time depends on the current queue, please check the list below on how many others are in before yours. Special offers may be handed out in conventions or if I feel like drawing more specific themes :D



Commissions type

Current state

1. Chase_Barak Refsheet Working on
2. Vulpix-pie Stickers Paid
3. Fatigue Refsheet Confirmed
4. Tunes Cellshade Confirmed
5. SirFacemunch Special Paid

Confirmed ➤ Paid ➤ Working on ➤ Done

Terms of Service

1. Copyright: These prices are for pay for service works, you are paying me to create artwork but the copyright of the artwork stays mine. This means that you are only allowed to use the artwork for personal non-commercial use. I may use the artwork for prints. However if discussed separately I'm also fine with selling copyrights, partial or full for an extra fee!

2. Deadlines: You may request a deadline, as long as I've agreed to the deadline, if I missed it by a week you may request a full refund.

3. Refunds If there is any reason for a refund, you will recieve a partial amount and the unfinished drawing. Amount of refund depends on how close to finishing the drawing is, no refunds are possible after the drawings is finished.

4. Payment Must be done with Paypal, I will send an invoice to the given e-mail address. Payment is always required upfront.

5. Edits If you have requested from me beforehand that I will show you steps of completion I will edit on those steps; sketches: poses & major details, flat colour/coloured sketch: colours & small details. When the drawing is finished I will do only one edit for things I missed and were clearly included in your original commission request (reference sheet or commission form if that was used). After a week has passed of the completion of the commission the drawing will not be touched anymore. If the amount of requests to constantly edit the drawing becomes overwhelming I have my right to cancel the commission and give the partial refund (depending on how far in the drawing I am at), or request extra fees for the extra work.

6. I may decline any commission if I'm not comfortable or ok with the content. I do not draw adult & most mature themes or copyrighted material without the permission from copyright owners (This includes characters/outfits/other easily recognizeable details from known series/games etc. I can however draw 'similar' or 'inspired' themes of such things.)

* You may repost the commission to your personal account as long as you provide credits aka link to my website/art gallery account.

* You or anyone else may not alter my artwork or add watermarks unless I have given you a written permission for it!

Prices & Ordering

Prices are in euros, please use google to help referencing what the price will be in your currency, for example type in "10 EUR in USD" to see the US dollar conversion rate! Paypal will automatically convert to the correct currency on paying, so do not worry about that part, they however do have a small conversion fee that you should be aware about. Please keep in mind that complex characters may push the price up.

Cellshade: Examples ➤ Ordering form ➤

This style is my strenght, and it's ultimately best for characters and images with lots of little details or pictures with motion.


Head of character 50€

Half of character 120€

One character 160€

Two characters 300€

Three or more characters 450€


Medium - Nature 100€

Medium - Indoor 150€

Medium - Urban 200€

Detailed - Nature 200€

Detailed - Indoor 250€

Paintings Painting examples ➤ Ordering form ➤

The paintery style brings the more simple characters to their full potential. This style is a bit more experimental each time!


One character 180€

Two characters 320€

Three or more characters 500€


Medium - Nature 50€

Medium - Indoor 180€

Medium - Urban 250€

Detailed - Nature 200€

Detailed - Indoor 300€

Reference sheets - Examples ➤ Ordering form ➤

A simple drawn sheet for a single character that displays all nessecary details so that it's easy to use as a guide to have the character drawn in the future or to use as a guide for getting a costume of the said character. Reference sheet's also include full copyright ownership to the picture. This means that I cannot sell prints of reference sheets I make (why would I anyway though?) and you have all the rights to the picture (obviously you still cannot claim that you actually drew it).

Type 1 / Frontview only 90€

Type 2 / Front & backview 120€


-Another fullview +80€

-Clothing references +20€ (per clothing)

-Detailed headshot +50€

-Expressions +30€ (per expression)

-Bundle of accesories +10-40€ (depending on complexity)

-Text & colour swatches +0€ (they are free to add)

Telegram Stickers - Examples ➤ Ordering form ➤

Unlike usual commissions, these stickers are delivered directly via Telegram as a sticker pack. They are simple, cartoony and affordable! Minumum of 5 stickers must be ordered.

Base sticker 15€

Fullbody base sticker 20€

Custom sticker 25€

Fullbody custom sticker 35€

Got any questions or want a quote?

Feel free to contact me for any questions or quotes about commissions. No question is stupid and I try to answer as soon as I possibly can :3
You can find various ways to contact me at the contact tab!