Commission info

Looking to have your idea brought to life? This page contains prices and links to ordering forms for private clients. If you are a company interested in purchasing copyrights also, please contact me at

How does this work?

When I am open for taking new commissions, the forms listed on this page will be open for submission. I announce opening dates on my Mastodon & Furaffinity @Neotheta. Once you have succesfully submitted the form, I will review, confirm it and send you an invoice to be paid by card or paypal. You can preview the commission forms at any time, but they remain in their closed state for most of the time. Prices are in euros and invoices have a two week due date, once paid I begin working. Progress of the queue can be viewed on this page.

Terms of Service are located on the bottom of this page.


NumberOrdererCommissions typeCurrent state


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Neostyle Prices

My signature style with sharp lines and bright glowing colours. Optimal for detailed pieces. Each piece is optimized for digital viewing on a fullhd screen, larger resolutions can be provided for printing and wallpaper use. 2-3 thumbnail sketches are provided for choosing which setting is to be finalized.

Icon / Badge 100€
Portrait (40-50% of character) 200€
Portrait Scene (Portrait + Simple background) 230€
Showcase (90-100% of character) 270€
Scene x1 (One character & simple background) 350€
Scene x2 (Two: characters, vehicles, background focus) 510€
Scene x3 (Three: characters, vehicles, background focus) 770€
Scene x4 (Four: characters, vehicles, background focus) 1020€
Unlimited Scene (Anything goes. Note: High amount of content sacrifices on details per each subject) 1500€


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Painting Prices

Do you like feeling the fur when seeing it? Paintings enable for a broader freedom to expression and bring simple & softer subjects to their best. Each piece is optimized for digital viewing on a fullhd screen, larger resolutions can be provided for printing and wallpaper use. 2-3 thumbnail sketches are provided for choosing which setting is to be finalized.

Portrait (40-50% of character) 200€
Portrait Scene (Portrait & simple backrground) 280€
Showcase (90-100% of character) 380€
Scene x1 (One character with simple background) 450€
Scene x2 (Two: characters, background focus) 650€
Scene x3 (Three: characters, background focus) 1150€
Scene x4 (Four: characters, background focus) 1500€
Unlimited Scene (Anything goes. Note: High amount of content sacrifices on details per each subject) 2000€


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Refsheet Prices

Simple flat-coloured page for a character that showcases all it's important details. It is meant to be a guide for future drawings or ordering a costume (tailored to the intended use and style). New character or feature means something that has not been drawn prior & has a purely text based concept.

Frontview (Base price) 150€
Design direction:
Existing character with no changes +0€
Existing character with new feature(s) +50€
New design, artistic freedom from simple concept +100€
New design, every detail is specified upfront +150€
New design, concept which needs exploration +250€
Backview +100€
Another frontview or sideview +150€
Clothing references per set +50€
Head expressions +40€
Accesories/items on display +10-50€


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Speedling Prices

Typically offered on spot at my stream chat where you get to watch the process, speedlings are quick messy sketches that focus on the energy and expression. Details are not important but the character will be recognizeable.

Icon 80€
Portrait (40-50% of character) 100€
Showcase 150€
Scene x1 180€

Content Guide

Icons, Portraits and Showcases come with an abstract / blurred background so the character is posed to fit and look good on it's own: This may result into clipping some edges off-screen, such as wings or part of the tail. These types are great for focusing entirely on the character, it fit's themes such as dancing & showcase of their magic powers.

Scenes always contain a simple background. With simple backgrounds, the character/s is/are always the main spotlight of the artwork. Background focus means the background is of equal importance, you have a place in mind that needs to be recognizeable, the character steps deeper into the scene to allow space for the background to be visible.

Terms of Service

1. Copyright: Copyright is not sold with the service, prices listed are for labour. This means that I retain my right to display, publish, make & sell prints of my artwork. This means you the client will be permitted only personal use of the artwork such as publishing into your personal account & home printing. Commercial use & editing the image is not permitted. The sale of copyright may be discussed upfront, partial or full, this can be appropriate for an indie album cover for example.

2. Refunds, Deadlines & Cancelled projects: If you have requested a deadline which I have agreed to, you may request a full refund in case the deadline was missed. If I cancel your commission at any stage, you will always recieve a full refund. Other requests for refunds will always be considered case by case basis: Depending on the progress already made to the image I may offer you a partial refund. With finished artwork, refunds are not possible. Partially finished projects may not be published and I may repurpose the assets (character likeness will always be changed).

3. Payment: Payment is always done via invoice with two week due date, invoices can be paid by card or paypal. Other methods and payment plans may be inquired. Work is always started after payment is completed.

4. Edits: Neostyle, Paintings and Refsheets include WIP stages during progress and changes must be requested at appropriate stages. Missed details that were part of the original request may be added without extra charge. Any additional edits will be considered case by case basis and may include an extra fee. Generally once a week has passed after delivery, I will not make changes to artwork anymore.

5. Content: I may decline any commission request based on it's content. No trademarked characters may be commissioned without the permission of trademark holder, inspired or similar themes can be made. Themes with content warning such as adult, fetish, ideology or otherwise typically sensitive will be considered case by case basis, please inquire about these up front.

6. Clarifications:
• Work in progress such as thumbnails, sketches or discarded projects may not be published by other parties but myself.
• When republishing my work, always include appropriate credits such as a link to my website. On Twitter & Furaffinity it is also appropriate to tag my username.
• Any changes made to my artwork is not permitted. This includes cropping away signature, changing aspect ratio, adding text, filters, symbols or any watermarks. My work may not be published on platforms that apply such changes.