Coffee / Watercolour simple stains

This is a short tutorial on how to either create your own coffee / watercolour stains or use the free textures I've created.

Free textures

Download free stain texture here

See the above link for 2000x2000px stain textures. These are CC-BY 4.0, which means you can use the textures in anything you'd like, modify and share. Please note that I only request you to credit the me/this page if you are sharing the file forwards as is or when the stains are the main focus of the image. You do not have to credit me if you use these in a piece! (We all know how painful that would be ugh!). Skip to section "How to apply" for using these the textures I made, the first bit is how to make your own!

How to create your own

This tutorial is made in Krita 2.9, but most painting (sai) & imagemanipulation (photoshop, gimp) programs have similar tools!

1. Start by drawing some perfectly round circles with the ellipse tool.

2. Then draw a bumpy splash pattern with the free hand selection tool. Use the circles as assistants to keep to the round shape! You can make multiple selections in Krita by pressing "a" before making the next selection.

3. Once you've made your shapes, take the bucketfill and fill the shapes with a gray colour. Do not use black.

4. When your splashes are in one colour, take an airbrush tool and make it an eraser. Erase the center of the splash, leaving the edges and small blobs with full opacity. Try not to make your erased area perfectly smooth or round.

5. Lock your layer opacity either universally or on the induvidual layer.

6. Take any rough texture brush and paint on your stains lightly with a darker colour and a lighter colour with the texture brush. Do not use pure black again. Now your textures are done and can be applied to a picture!

How to apply

Method A: If your stains are only darker than the primary colour of your background, simply change the layer mode to "overlay".

Method B: This way you can make stains of various colour on any coloured background. Create a group for your stain layer and above a layer which you fill with the colour you want your stains to be (brown for coffee). Set the above layer to alpha inherit (α symbol) and it's layer mode to "colour". Then set the layer group to layer mode "multiply" on the background.

Additionally, these look really great on watercolour textured backgrounds!