Firri - Wip stages

Krita 2.9, wacom cintiq 22HD were used to create this drawing.


I wanted a really interesting angle for the piece, modern buildings and character close up. So I (should've used blender) went to SecondLife and created some blocks (should've used blender), and took a few screenshots from different angles (should've used blender). I sketched on them once one looked good.

After detailing and being sure of the angle & character pose, I begun detailing the background buildings to look more like buildings. Lumenen (city in the piece) is a layered city with driveways on the lower level, public places mostly on middle. Rooftops and balconies of different heights with lots of plantlife everywhere. Each different object is drawn with a flat colour somewhat defining it's grayscale colour. After that I sketched the character in better detail, because why not.


Next up was lining the background, although I should've not lined at all and instead move directly into colouring each area with a flat blob of colour instead. But I learned this after I realized how ugly the lineart looked like with the colours. I used more colours that backed up the characters detailing: green.


Then shading. First applying the basic cellshade with blue colour set as multiply and then lighting effects with various layer modes such as overlay, using the airbrush tool. I also blurred the background to add a depth of field effect, notice that the balcony below is not as blurred because it's closer to the viewer - it also has more detailed shading than the stuff far away.

Finally adding the last details. More lighting to tell apart the character from the background. Population to the city. Glow effects... And then finally in the end touch up overall colours and contrast and add some little texture.

Fullview the finished piece here!