Crystal Cavern - Wip stages

Krita 2.9, wacom cintiq 22HD were used to create this drawing.
Click here to download the .kra file, feel free to inspect it!


I started with sketching the character in a relaxed pose and then drew the background around him, giving him the object to lean on after I drew him leaning on space. With lively shapes for background this is a good order to do things, but if it were a table or something else meant to go into perspective it would've been another story. After the first sketch I refined the original some more, this is a step I rarely make - I usually advance to linarting right away.


Piece linarted, heavier lines on front and thinner in the background. Check my lineweight tutorial for this kind of lineart!

Flat Colour

I had g'mic generate the largest chunks of colour first and then refined them and separated them from eachother to ease drawing gradients. You can see the g'mic generated layer in the .kra file if you want. The character's flats are moved on their own group with scales, cloth and eyes/mane separately on their layers. Front background is on it's own entire layer. As you can see on the pic I already went and drew shades/texture on the walls of the cavern, on the flat layer.


Shading is done on layers above with multiply layer mode, crystals have overlay layers for highlights. The distant background is painted on a few different layers (so I could control their lightness separately for a depth effect). There's quite a few shading layers in this pic, too many to explain, the amount and type depend on what looks good for this picture.

Glow & Textures

More overlay layers to give glow and colour to the pic, and textures so the cavern feels a bit more rocky and crystals sparkle. This step is just playing around and seeing what happens, yay fun!


Last step I do is small details, highlights and reflections to make the character and other things stand out more. I sometimes also paint over parts of the pic in this step if I don't like how they look, adjusting shading and so on. Check the .kra file! Here's the finished pic: