Welcome to my tutorials

Please note that everything I write here are things I've learned and found helpful. These are not intended to be absolute, just explanations for how I do it, so follow them with your own critical mind instead of blindly. Make your own learning journey, but I hope you'll find these helpful and/or motivational!

My main focus is on techniques and personal learning, not in the absolute correctness of the art pieces used as example, so please do not send me critiques regarding them, I'm most likely aware. But if you find a mistake about how a program works or a really bad typo / sentence that doesn't make sense - do tell me about that!

If you'd like to see a specific tutorial in the future, feel free to message me and suggest!


Lovely free stuff!

Textures & Brushes - CC-BY 4.0

.bundle files are compatible with Krita 2.9 or later, to activate them go to Settings > Manage resources and Import bundle. Textures are just regular png/jpg files. You do not have to separately credit me for using the brushes/textures as a part of your art piece. The licence applies on the files as is, modifying and redistributing the brush & texture files themselves or derivate versions of them.

Neo's Fur brushes Simple brushes for painting fur.
Coffee/Watercolour stains Simple texture, see tutorial above to make your own!

References & Files - CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

These are either drawings or photographs intended for personal use/practise or as references. Please read the licence carefully before to understand how you can use these files. Note that referencing is not the same as using, by referencing you learn from the source but do not use the file directly on our art piece, making the outcome not similar with the reference used. The licence does not apply to referecing as you can take reference of everything freely.

Finnish Nature (summer) A folder of photographs to learn about finnish nature.
Finnish Winter (ice & snow) A folder of photographs to learn about snow and ice.