Welcome to my tutorials page

Please note that everything I write here is how I've learned to draw over my journey. It's very possible that are mistakes here and there. Sometimes mistakes are a part of style, sometimes they're just things you don't notice as you go. To me learning is a personal journey, I love to find out about things myself. You could say that it's the part of drawing which makes it fun for me myself, while in other aspects I usually seek to affect and get reactions out of other people. Because of this I ask you to not send me critique of my personal styles, but if you find a mistake about how a program works or a really bad typo / sentence that doesn't make sense - do tell me about that!

With all that in mind, remember to make your own learning journey and be most free to do things how they work best for you! But I hope these little tutorials I write will help you forward, motivate or whatever they might do!

If you'd like to see a specific tutorial in the future, feel free to message me and suggest!


Crystal Cavern - Wip stages

Step by step screenshots and .kra file to explore.
Highlight: My usual progress for "Cellshade" styled pics.

Basics of Shading

Trying to cover the most basic things about shading without making it sound too difficult. Using cellshade style as example.

Blur Effects

Simple tutorial for using blur effects.

Firri - Wip stages

Step by step screenshots of how I produced Firri.
Highlight: Creating perspective with simple 3D blocks.

Coffee / Watercolour stains

Simple tutorial for creating coffee / watercolour stain textures, a free texture to use and guide how to apply it.

Animal Heads

Effective ways to practise drawing new kinds of animal heads and stylizing their propotions for unique outcome.


Tutorial for lively linework with weight changes. Includes both general drawing tips and program specific guides to Krita 2.9 and Paint Tool Sai. Requires a graphics tablet and a program that supports pressure sensitivity.


Resources page Added reference photographs, Finnish nature and Snow & Ice.