19.11.2017: New website + Comic news!

A new easier page to share updates with you has been completed! Starting 2018 I will send monthly e-mail to supporters, to the associated mails used with paypal. This will include what's up and a zip including some progress & sketches if available! Once the comic begins, there will also be early viewing of pages.

The comic is ready to begin, I've written the first chapter in detail and completed the first two pages. A comic reader and a little extra page buffer is due to be created anymore. Pages will be created on random for now, but once the 300€ goal is met, I'll have at least one page per month.

28.12.2016: Winter update

As you've probably noticed, I've been really slow updating this page. It's all 100% manual, which really hinders down quickly updating anything - but that doesn't mean I haven't been drawing. I've been creating a bunch of small comics that I've posted on Furaffinity (under "Dumb Comic Strips" folder) and Twitter! I've also created a bunch of Telegram stickers and learned a lot about expressions and written down the plot for my comic, soon it can really begin!

25.4.2016: April total + updates

Another month with the same awesome total! Thank you! I'm close to getting the book project done and decided that June should be dedicated to personal artwork entirely, since I've not been able to work on much alongside with the book and I have to make that up both for you and myself. I've not been completely without drawing fun things tho, I've made a small telegram sticker pack and designed a lynx t-shirt.

29.3.2016: March total + updates

Sorry this comes so late, I'm in the middle of the last kids book project and still recovering from a very intence flu that completely knocked me over. But! March's total is even more impressive, I'm honoured to have such amazing fans, followers (whichever you call yourself). The total for the month is 130€! I'll not make it to draw something nice this month, but once the kids book is done I'll be sure to dedicate some proper time for personal work!
I also improved this page a little and dropped a bunch of artworks to a folder to show all the things that have been supported by you so far!

09.2.2016: Feburarys total!

An increadible 110€! Thank you so much old and new supporters. There is a total of 7 people making this amount possible! I'm dedicating the entire Feburary for personal work, aside from only a few commissions. First I'll be making lots of pics for producs I can take to conventions (I don't have too much stuff for that yet, or it's very old things) and then the rest will be luceiry stuff and practise! :3

12.1.2016: Januarys total!

This month's total is again 50€, thank you so much you four! I already did two small things which are going to be prints at this years conventions. More to come!
I've also finally written some lore for Luceiry's world, where the comic will take place, if you're interested looking: Luceiry.net

3.12.2015: Decembers total!

Decembers total is 50€ like assumed! Thanks! Once I'm done with the book illustrations and a couple of comms I'll draw up the months pic! :3

21.11.2015: More art!

Heya, I got one new supporter over this month, which should make next month's total to 50€! That means I can begin to draw something cool monthly c:
Thank you so much!

11.11.2015: New support system up

From now on everything will be published instantly for everyone to see and no more exclusive sketches (exclusive page was awkward for users and difficult to manage), supporters from pre september 2015 can still access their exclusive page until 2016. Since September, I've the same 3 supporters that have been there from the start, in total donating 30e / month, which means I have gotten 60e since my last announcement. Thank you so much, you are amazing for staying here for so long!

Thanks to my supporters, I was able to put proper time into creating a memorial picture for my cat that passed away, perhaps the most important friend I've had in my life. I believe this is my best piece so far as well.