Places to contact me at

Please note that I do not discuss commissions anywhere else than the listed places here, if someone claiming to be me contacts you elsewhere and offers my commissions: be alarmed they're probably a scammer! I will always require you to fill one of my forms at my website for a commission.

Community sites:

FurAffinity My main art gallery that I'm most active on.

SoFurry My secondary gallery, active.

DeviantArt I've been here for the longest, posting slowly.

FurryNetwork Beta A fresh new site that I'm really digging currently!


Steam This is my open IM! Feel free to add me as a friend if you prefer real time chat.

Twitter @Neothetaa is me, the russian guy with my usual nickname is not me :P

My IRC channel Active mostly while streaming., #stream. You can also reach me at furnet as Neotheta!

Neotheta Finnish furry forums. Listing this so you know it's me there.

Neotheta @Telegram Best contact place when in conventions and in hurry. Please do not smalltalk or I'll not hestitate to block - I get notified about these with an annoying BLEEBBLOOB sound!

E-mails: This is my new art&commissions e-mail, please only contact me here about commissions and copyright stuff unless I request otherwise. This is my old art&commissions e-mail, please only contact me here if we already had a conversation going on over here. Personal e-mail, note that I do not like having chat-like conversations over email but feel free to ask me any non-commission related stuff.