Paintings - Examples ➤

This form is for ordering painting style commissions from me! Please fill out the information carefully, once sent I'll get back to you and comfirm the slot!

1. Your nickname

Tick a box where your nickname applys and this will be our primary communication method, and name I adress you by. If you do not use any of the sites below do not tick boxes and I will contant you via e-mail instead. Please do not tick boxes where your entered nickname does not apply.

2. Hide your nickname

Do you wish to keep your nickname private or is it okay to show it publicly along with your commission status?

3. Your e-mail

Secondary method of communication if the first one is not available (may be a little slower).

4. Invoice e-mail / Paypal e-mail

Payment is done via Paypal or cards that work with it: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

5. Your country

This is for taxing purposes.

6. Type of commission

Please note that the price is a subject to change depending on the complexity of the character or other reasons, if the price will be more than listed here I'll okay it with you before comfirming the commission slot!

7. Background

Default includes minimal background that cannot be specified.

8. Character references

Link the best reference picture first, good refs are flatcoloured or natural lighted images where all important features of the character are shown. Atleast one picture ref is required. You can use the description box to explain the references better.

9. Character personality

Knowing the character helps me a lot at drawing it, please make a simple and short description of your characters personality / backstory / what kind of universe and eviorment they live in.

10. Background references

Only fill this if you have chosen another option than 'Default minimal background' for the background option.

11. Theme

Write the content/theme/emotion/atmosphere you want below!

12. WIP state for approval

Do you want to recieves wip pictures for approval? Each of these will slow the progress down a bit which is why they come with an extra cost.

13. Size of the drawing

Default size (1200px on the widest side) will always be uploaded to my gallery, but do you want to recieve a bigger version too? If you want a specific resolution, write that on the 'Other' field!

14. Other

Other relevant notes if any: requested deadlines, mega patreon status, custom resolution or other requests you may have!

15. ToS

Have you read my Terms of Service and also aggree with them?